Underwater Astonishments

I have been meaning to share this for a while. This is just one of the amazing TED talks that I've been enjoying. Be prepared to be wowed by nature!

David Gallo shows jaw-dropping footage of amazing sea creatures, including a color-shifting cuttlefish, a perfectly camouflaged octopus, and a Times Square's worth of neon light displays from fish who live in the blackest depths of the ocean.


Casey said...

Ooh, my guys are going to love this.

Chelsea said...

Also if you haven't yet, check out my link to B. Brainy. A friend designed this site for parents and kids to upload, link to, vote on and enjoy cool G & PG-rated stuff they find on the internet. The idea is that it is a safe, screened environment for them to surf in with links to videos, games, photos, projects, etc, in categories like nature, tech, sports, transportation, funny and so on. They'll enjoy the links and can submit some of their own favorites.

Casey said...

Will do PDQ. We recently had to get Net Nanny on our downstairs desktop to keep the kids from the less appropriate stuff on Youtube, etc.