Our 24 hours off were great!  The best part?  Getting to be irresponsible! 


•hanging out talking, sitting in the street in front of our house
•taking the dry cleaner's tag off my not-worn-for-over-2-years-little-black-dress and leaving the open safety pin lying around on the table (HA!) 
•we didn't even head out to the restaurant until after Turtle's normal bedtime (tapas, strong drinks, and live music!) 
•sleeping in
•a quiet breakfast out (crepes and espresso!)  
•we hit the spa and took care of ourselves!

The worst part?

•Around 6:30 am I suffered from a very realistic auditory hallucination of Turtle waking up and crying "Mommy!  Mommy!".  It took me a few minutes to realize we were alone in the house and all was quiet and he wasn't there.  Spooky!  How sad is that? My brain is so accustomed to hearing that EVERY DAY for the last 2 years, that it had to manufacture the hallucination to fill in the blank on the one day I was supposed to enjoy sleeping in.   

The best part?

•The "Quiet Room" at the spa.  You lounge in a comfy reclining upholstered leather chair with footrest sipping cucumber infused water and read, daydream, or doze off in a dimly lit completely silent room.  Heaven.  Pure heaven.  I have got to build me one of these at our house!  


Michelle K. said...

Hey Chels! Glad you had a wonderful day off. I enjoy your blogs, mostly because I get to peek into your life--even when I fail to keep in touch. I'll write when I come back from Uganda. Take care!

Chelsea said...

Hey Michelle! So great to hear from you and to know you've been reading. I owe you a long email or phone call, I know, but I always prefer catching up in person! I want to hear about Uganda and see pics. Hope you are well there!