Rise and Shine

Last night, I stumbled upon k-k-k-katy's blog. This girl cracked me up. It’s rare that you’ll find me in front of my laptop laughing out loud. (Check out her letter to her bathtub and her recent jeans shopping experience.) I stayed up way past my bedtime reading it.

My punishment? Around 5 am I heard Turtle's first cries.

Backtire jumped out of bed and I relaxed. Daddy was taking a turn and was going to let me sleep in! Aaaah...blissful sleep.


Turtle was dumped on the bed next to me, begging to “go eat”. I closed my eyes and ignored him, hoping he’d get the point.

A moment later, I heard a whispered “Here you go, Mommy” and the sound of the alarm clock being dragged off of the nightstand by it’s cord and across the mattress to me. Because, you know, I was in danger of not waking up on time.

I tried to get a bit more shuteye as I realized that playing with my clock was at least distracting him from wanting breakfast. I could hear him clicking the buttons on the clock, so that now, if by some miracle we all fell back asleep, I’d be late for work because he’s put us in a different time zone.

My private behind-eyelids darkness, possibly the last private place left in my life as a mom, was suddenly brightened by a burning red glow, the clock's screen shoved against my eyes.

Turtle: “I want go eat.”

Backtire: “We have to wait until 6 o’clock.”

Turtle: “I want go eat.”

Me: “We have to wait until the clock beeps.”

Turtle: “I want go eat.”

Backtire: “It’s too early.”

Turtle (in anger): “No! It’s NOT too early! It’s Wednesday!”

(BTW, it’s Thursday. Turtle does not actually know the days of the week and clearly cannot distinguish times of day from days of the week. But it’s entertaining when he randomly tests out his growing time related vocabulary, mimicking us, but not getting it quite right.)

*I don’t think I’ve said that since the 80’s.

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