aka Diana, aka Gayo
Hey! Why didn’t we ever think of it before- it should be Gaia!

You jumped in with both feet at Cal State Northridge, quickly becoming the Associated Students Director of Environmental Affairs and having the ear of the board in making campus sustainability decisions.

I had so much fun attending the first Earth Day Festival you threw for the campus and hearing about your efforts to promote the recycling program, both natural extensions of what we had done at the high school level.

Last year you took a hiatus to travel to Armenia and get married, taking time out from changing the world to have a personal life. 

How dare you?!     ; )

So, you’ve been stealth for awhile and I can’t find much else online. But I owe you a phone call, so I’ll get more information the old fashioned way, by actually talking to my source. As soon as I can find some time to make a phone call… (mothers of 2 year olds, you understand, right?)

Meanwhile, happy wedded bliss! Hope the “newlywed phase” lasts as long as possible.

(This post is fourth in the Earth Week 2008 series.)

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