Eggciting Week!
(sorry, too exhausted to resist bad puns)

(click photo for audio-not yet-coming soon)

We unloaded the first truckloads of furniture on Saturday and took a break to celebrate my birthday with margaritas and Mexcian food at the type of restaurant where they force you to wear the huge sombrero while they sing to you and you can't enjoy dinnertime conversation due to the din of everyone else's conversations, spirited background music, and spirited children running around with free balloons everywhere. It was a restful way to cap off a restful day.

We spent that night, our last, on the air mattress and pack 'n play at our suddenly empty and forlorn looking home.

Everyone's zeal to pack everything in sight and take it to the new house led to some fun moments. Like having to drive Turtle naked over to the new house after going to change him at the old house and realizing his diapers, clothes, and shoes had all been moved already.  

We returned to the old back yard to do his first egg hunt.  Actually, I wanted it to be his first egg hunt, but daycare beat me to it Friday, so it was his second egg hunt.  His cousin and best friend joined in the fun, all three boys gleefully parading around the yard searching for plastic eggs filled with stickers and goldfish crackers.  Three toddlers surrounded by 7 doting adults taking pictures. Daycares would kill to have that ratio! 

At some point on Sunday, we achieve a critical mass of stuff at the new house and decided to spend our first night there. Which led to the morning-after-Easter cereal bowl hunt and clean towel hunt.

We're 99% moved, which makes it really hard to muster up the motivation to do that last 1%- packing up the random loose junk that's left (dryer sheets, window shade, bottle of vodka, christmas ornaments) and cleaning to try to get our deposit back.

Meanwhile, larger tasks loom. Turtle and I are in dire need of haircuts and grey root touch up (well, only me on that one). His grandparents, Aunt & Uncle, and second cousins from the Midwest are in town and there's a 2nd birthday party to be planned.

Wish me luck!

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