What I Learned in Kindergarden

On the last day of kindergarden, my mom asked Turtle what the three most important things were that he learned this year. He thought and thought and said 


 silence: more thinking


more silence: more thinking


The 3 "R's"!  We eyed each other and cracked up.  I swear, this wasn't scripted!  I'm not sure what I expected him to say, I guess much more specific things that were of interest to him, but not this textbook answer. The follow up question was what were the three most fun things that he learned.

These came immediately and in rapid succession: "snackandrecesslunchandrecessandfreechoice!"  

Again, I must have been hoping for art, music, PE, a field trip, something...

Shrug.  All very classic Turtle.  He's a very no-nonsense kid who usually has things pegged just exactly right.  He's totally right about which things were the most important and he's totally honest about what was the most fun- the only three times of day he got to do whatever he wanted! 

(*BTW, related side story:  Tonight Backtire was relaying to us how he took a 2.5 hour lunch to take a motorcycle ride with some co-workers, the first time he's taken a ride in months and months and an unheard of break from his typically intense schedule.  Turtle, incredulous, said "they let you out for that at work?  You have a lucky work!"  Let you out.  Spoken like a kid who has now been fully indoctrinated into the school system.  Sigh.)  

(Yay!  Crumpling a post-it never felt so good... onto more...) 

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