Is That With A Capital S?

Today Turtle and I were engaged in my Supermom-designed-home-summer-literacy-program, which consists of dragging him around town doing errands and trying to get him to read street and building signs out the window when we are at red lights.  We saw a sign that said "Safari Camp" and I asked him if he knew what safari meant.

His answer:   "Yeah, it's that place that you go to go on Google"

Huh?  Oh. Right. Safari. The browser.  Ahh, how sad and funny at the same time.

After, he was confused as to why I was laughing and laughing.  I tried to explain, you know about real safaris and why they named the software that and how old people like me knew about real safaris before Safari but he only knows about Safari, not safaris...but it was all totally lost on him.

So what did he image they do at Safari Camp?  All the kids sit around and 'go on Google' all day?  It's a big room filled with computers and kids all staring glassy eyed at the screens. What a camp.  -- Huh! Actually, knowing Silicon Valley, there are probably lots of camps like that.  Yikes.

Mental note:  Take my kid on a real safari-or a close facsimile of-quick!

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