Exercising My Right To Flush

Last night, after brushing his teeth, I gently excused Turtle out of my bathroom so that I could dare to go to the bathroom alone. (If a 2 year old heavily breathing and scratching at the bathroom door is considered alone).

When finished with my business, I opened the door to be rewarded by a full blown meltdown. The issue?

Let me quote: "Waaaaaah. I want to flush your pee-pee! Waaaaaaah. I want to flush Mommy's pee-pee!"

I would just like to go on record here that I did NOT videotape this. I could have. So, in 15 years, when Turtle is mortified by naked baby pictures and other such embarassments, I would like some credit for NOT saving this particular moment* for posterity.

I will enjoy the pleasures of flushing my own pee-pee without complaint this weekend, down a hotel** toilet at that, as I embark on a 48-hour childless, husbandless, women-only trip that I have needed for 2 years.

*(10 minutes)

**(OK, motel)


Casey said...


Little episodes like those are like money in the bank for when they're older.

Rocketboy used to stand outside the bathroom door and wait for me to come out so he could offer me a tampon. It was like having a tiny washroom attendant with boundary issues. And now that he's nine, it's mortification gold!

Chelsea said...

Did you tip him? I never know how to handle the etiquette of those washroom attendants.

So glad I haven't had to wade into that particular territory yet. ; )

lisa said...

childless, husbandless, women-only trip...tell me more

Chelsea said...

ok, here's more...

motel, dinner out, shopping, dessert out, stay up late, sleep in, brunch out, wine tasting, lunch out, shopping, walking, dinner out, soak in hot tub, read in bed, sleep in, breakfast out, walk on beach...

and showering alone and taking as long as you want

and just not being responsible or worried about anything

and the quiet...

aaaaah! Are you ready for a trip like that?!