Sure, I'll Have Another Glass...

The last two weeks of my life have been consumed by drama and can only be summarized as follows:

My son broke his nose and we’re in escrow. 

Needless to say, the pantry is several bottles of wine short.


Holding my baby boy in a headlock with all of my might while he screams as the pediatrician probes the inside of his freshly broken nose. He managed to get in a few kicks to the poor doc’s groin. It still doesn’t make it even.

Offer/counteroffer madness results in 4- day neglect of grocery shopping which leads inevitably to toddler eating cereal for dinner and playing alone while adults intensely discuss the negotiations at hand. He only interrupts important Mommy & Daddy business once- to request peas. 


Nose is healing symmetrically with no internal damage.  So, he'll still be as cute as ever.  

The new house has hardwood floors, the better to toilet train over.  


KCB said...

Damn, that was fast. The house thing, I mean.

Poor "Turtle." I hope his nose is healing well. It sounds like he's following in Daddy's footsteps already!

Chelsea said...

Yeah, at least I'm not freaked out very easily by bodily trauma anymore since his Daddy has desensitized me with all those ER visits over the years.