So They Shan't Remain Nameless

It’s time for pseudonyms!

My almost 2 year old son will henceforth be referred to as “Turtle” in honor of the turtle riding toy he was pushing backwards at full speed when he did his concrete faceplant. Note to him: next time, let go of the handle on your way down.

You might think it’s creepy for me to name him after the toy that broke his nose, but he loves that toy and has fearlessly (forgetfully?) returned to speeding around with it. Plus, I’ve had some pretty cool times with other turtles, so there’s a lot of positive associations there.

In keeping with that tradition, I’d have to name my husband after one of the many “toys” he’s broken bones on over the years. But, CBR 1000, NT650, Ski Doo, and skull-of-some-other-guy-in-a-mud-football-game don’t really have a great ring to them. Plus there’s more than that to choose from. I just can’t keep track anymore. 

So, we’ll try “Backtire”, a nickname bestowed on him by his motorcycle buddies in honor of his insatiable need to speed around with the least number of wheels touching the ground as possible.

The apple clearly does not fall far from the tree.

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