On This Election Night, I'm Sure Glad My Son is Not 18!

ME: So remember I told you tonight we are picking a leader?


Everyone gets to pick which is the leader they want and write it on a paper and give it to someone and then tomorrow we find out which leader we're going to have. I get to pick my favorite and Daddy gets to pick his favorite.

Do I?

Yes, sure. Which one do you pick?

You tell me their names again.

John and Barack.

John and Barack. That's difficult for me to say.

No it itsn't, you just said it.

It's difficult.

To say barack?


But you just said it, so you did a good job. Which one do you pick? Do you want John or do you want Barack?

I want John.




Because he's my best.

He's your favorite?



Because he lives next door.

Oh, you like john that lives in our neighborhood. But this is a different john.

Brian's dad?

No, that's another John we know. This is a different John that you've never met and I've never met and Daddy's never met.

Mommy and Daddy pick Barack. He's our favorite.

I pick John.


I like him?

But why do you like him?

I love him.

Are you telling me you are Republican?


Are you serious?


1 comment:

Casey said...

These kids today -- defining themselves by rejecting their parents' values sure starts early.

Looks like Mommy and Daddy are going to win this one, though!