New Year's Predictions

We enjoyed staying up past toddler bed time on New Year's Eve with my sister and a new group of friends and got to be a part of a fun tradition they started last year- New Year's Predictions.  On New Year's Eve last year they all wrote down predictions for the coming year regarding the lives of everyone at the gathering, kept them secret from each other, sealed them in a Sees candy box, and hid them away.  This year we broke out the box and opened it to reveal last year's predictions.  We laughed, we cried.  There were hilarious ones, obvious ones, many many that did not come true, and some of those were a shame, and a few surprises for the ones that did come true.  Then everyone sat and wrote down new predictions for 2008 and sealed them away again.  It was a fun thing to do and it led to some great conversation about how everyone's lives change so much in a year, often mostly unexpectedly.  Probably the biggest thing I took away from the experience was that reminder that what you think on January 1 about yourself and your life and relationships and professional role and what you want or expect to experience in the coming year can change radically and unpredictably by Dec 31.  So, it's great to make plans, goals, and resolutions, but you really never know where life is taking you...  
Do you have any cool New Year's traditions?  Are you making resolutions?  

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